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What line of sight? The captain's yacht of the Galaxy/Nebula class doesn't have warp drive, only impulse drive and atmospheric thrusters. The yachts for the Intrepid and Sovereign class do have warp drive.
I was going to jump all over that and say that in chronological appearance, the Nebula class was first.

But I concede defeat none-the-less... Even the original concept of the Pheonix from the Star Trek Encylo doesn't have LoS... sigh...

I thought that would have been a nice explanation for it- give some consistancy and show the evolution of the technology.

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In this version, maybe, but not the original.
And Ex Astris Scientia agrees: no warp with the Calypso.
Maybe... Is it actually stated somewhere offical that it's impulse only? I mean, I don't want to get into a pissing match over who has the right information. I'm just curious. Is it in TNG's Blueprints for the Galaxy Class? I have it at home, but I'm at work now, so can't look.

The probert image shows a glowing blue strip, with two blue ones below that. If there's one on the other side too, that could be a nacelle?
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