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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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Since keeping my plan is basically signing up for 2 different ones (why no bundling, again?), when they raise plans a buck, you can bet it'll be for EACH plan...
I'd argue that's basically semantics. The bottom line is, it's a price increase to keep what you have now. The postive side of it is, if you don't see value in streaming or in the DVD plan, you can drop one or the other without having to drop both. Right now you can't separate them. EDIT TO ADD: I stand corrected, you can currently have a standalone streaming only plan.

Again, using me as an example, if I decided to drop streaming but keep 4 DVDs at a time, I could actually SAVE $6 a month after this is all said and done. Right now I don't have that option.

I think one's individual anguish over this really boils down to how much they value the streaming option, ESPECIALLY in light of a possibly reduced instant streaming library.
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