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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

Thought in one of the other threads, there was a running tally of things dropping off vs things being added? Know they've been having trouble with studios as well, and dropping things that way.

For example, i heard good things about Dexter, and wanted to start watching it. Got through the first 4 episodes, and now Dexter is no longer available for streaming. No problem (annoyance, really) if you have the DVD plan also (they supplement each other nicely, as you stream older stuff, get the dvds for newer releases), but since they are separating them, and they aren't equal in ability, it's a tougher choice.

Streaming has the convenience, but no newer titles, and plenty of stuff available as a DVD just isn't on streaming, even older stuff you would have expected. Star Trek JUST showed up there, you'd have thought that was a no-brainer, right?

DVD limits you with the turnaround time, so you can really only get 1-2 discs a week, max. Also puts you 'on the clock' to watch something and get it back, doesn't always work with the schedule. Might be busy during the week, and then want to plow through 5-6 episodes of something, which you can't really do with one disc.

Since Dexter fell out of the streaming queue for me, only thing on there for me at the moment is Stargate SG-1, which I've been slowly working my way through. Not really worth the $8 a month to keep watching that, especially if I can buy the whole series for $75 or so, and own it forever without having to keep paying to watch them.

I was pretty happy with the service, and $15 a month for dvd and streaming was working for me. Couple movies a week, and SG1 episodes here and there when i felt like it. That plan's now going to $20 for me, and not feeling like it's worth it as much. It's a buck a movie for Redbox, including Blu-Ray (netflix wants another $2 a month for that, even Blockbuster had that for free as part of the fee), and those come out a month before Netflix gets them. Plenty of other options for watching TV shows or buying them, so less excited by Netflix's offering. And since even the defenders in this thread are all talking about a huge looming bill that Netflix is going to get from the studios, there's basically no way that prices don't go up again soon. I joined around Thanksgiving, and this is already my 2nd price increase, up about $7. Cost has gone up 60% for me so far, and if Netflix is about to pay a bunch more to the studios, that'll pretty quickly go up again. Since keeping my plan is basically signing up for 2 different ones (why no bundling, again?), when they raise plans a buck, you can bet it'll be for EACH plan...
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