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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Progress. Seems to be coming along better than I initially thought. I think the top plan view looks somewhat odd, but then what can you do with this kind of shape? The top of the fore section, or the "hood," as well as the "roof" are a degree less curved than before. And by pulling the nacelles forward just a tad I get a little better visual balance and a bit shorter length overall down to about 30ft. I also opted for a less curvature in the viewport (as seen from above) to give me a bit more interior space. I rather like the side profiles of this while the front and top views make me think of a truck. The front view has something of a helicopter feel to it. For myself one of the big accomplishments of these adapted designs goes beyond having something that is recognizable with the onscreen versions, but more that these versions could actually fit onto the Enterprise's flight deck even if temporarily.

Mind you I can imagine a starbase Commodore giving Kirk some grief: "What is it with you, Kirk? We loan you a heavy lander and later an aquashuttle and you manage to lose both of them. What are you, son, some sort of doomsday machine or something?"

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