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Re: Oh Netflix, I Knew It Wouldn't Last

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Has there streaming library really gotten smaller like you people are saying? Because I have noticed the complete opposite. Just these last few weeks I have gotten really excited by all the new stuff available.
From what I've observed they dropped a ton of TV shows I had in my streaming queue. I suspect many of those were Sony properties. All of those shows now have "unknown" status.
If they've having contract problem with the studios, this may become a non-issue as people will simply drop the streaming options as there won't be anything of value to stream. (I'm sure that would make a lot of ISP's happy.)

I noticed oddly enough that my rate will not drastically change if I stay with the plan I have right now, which is unlimited streaming plus 4 DVDs at a time. It's only going to increase $2 a month. So it would seem this price increase is somewhat "regressive" in nature. And if I dropped streaming, I could actually save $6 from my current price. And if they lose their catalog, I may very well do that.
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