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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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My questions are: Isn't a Voyager relaunch supposed to be about the Voyager characters. I mean, we have 4 main characters missing and a lot of characters involved who weren't on Voyager in the TV series instead. Wouldn't it be better if a Voyager relaunch were about the Voyager characters and the others could show up from time to time?
Here's a question where only reading spoilers or others thoughts about the books, but not reading them yourself has clearly misled you as to the content and feel of the stories we are telling right now.

You don't have 4 main characters missing. Kes has been gone since season 4 of the series, apart from "Fury", which I think most of us would just as soon forget. Janeway died in Before Dishonor. Tuvok transferred to the Titan, and is featured heavily in those books. I'm assuming the fourth you are thinking of is Neelix, but he appears in both Unworthy, and Children of the Storm.

So, by my math, you've lost three out of ten, and only two of the eight that originally made it home from the Delta Quadrant, plus Neelix. That leaves seven main series regulars that are the primary focus of the stories we are still telling. No, it isn't everyone...but it's hard to say we're not still telling stories about the Voyager characters.

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Wasn't it a mistake to kill off Janeway in the first place? After all, she's the main character of Voyager and a very good main character too.
No. I know that isn't going to be a popular answer, but I will never be able to see the choice to kill Janeway as a mistake. You're talking about a completely subjective thing here. For you, and many others, it might seem like a poor choice. For me, and many others, it was a choice that has created some incredibly interesting and exciting story possiblities. Yes, Janeway was the main character, and a very good one, but what the relaunch thus far has demonstrated to many...though not you, I that even without her physical presence on the ship, the impact she had on the characters is still intense and colors everything that they do and how they approach the situations at hand. She is gone, but hardly forgotten.

Sadly, this is an area where we must agree to disagree. I respect your opinion and your choice not to read stories that do not feature the living presence of Kathryn Janeway. You don't have to agree with my opinion on this, but it would be nice if you could respect it as well.

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When Janeway is back (note my never ending hope ), maybe it's possible to create a role for her which gives her a possibility to be the one in charge of the ship. As I see it, making her an Admiral was a big mistake from those in charge of the TV series. Janeway's destiny is to explore space, not behind a desk.

(Personally I will demote her back to Captain in an upcoming fan-fiction story but that's another deal!)
I agree that making Janeway an Admiral complicated her ongoing presence in stories that were to remain centered around the adventures of those serving aboard the Starship Voyager. But given the new mission and the fleet's purpose in the Delta Quadrant now, there are many possible roles she could play were she to return.

Thanks for nice reply and for creating this opportunity for interaction between author and fans.

And yes, I do respect your opinions in this case even if I don't agree on everything.
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