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RichMerk wrote: View Post
More texture work done, and a basic bump map for the upper hull. A new, modern Starfleet insignia on the nose, and a clean new font.

Niiiice! I'm only quoting so I can see the ship again!

Kaziarl wrote: View Post
Are you ignoring the "line of sight" thing that many people think is a requirement for the nacelles? (cowlings in this case maybe?)

Either way is fine with me. I dont remember anything in the show saying there HAD to be line of sight, I was just curious.
The option couple be to have the nacelles pop up or down.

But you're right- there's nothing on the show that said LoS is a rule. And the Defiant and Nebula classes have defied that concept.

The only reason I'd have said it was a rule was because an authority in Star Trek proposed that rule. That falls under the definition of Canon.

But that conflicts what we've seen as I mentioned above.

So- LoS can be considered a rule for earlier ships. Advances in treknology has allowed this rule to fall out of requirement.

I don't mind so much, and this design keeps the gig looking clean and in the spirit of pre-greebled out ships.

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