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Re: Oh Netflix, I Knew It Wouldn't Last

I'm thrilled with this change! It's about damned time! I've been with Netflix since January of 2005, and when this streaming nonsense began to get popular, I saw a price hike and was not pleased. I was paying for something I had no interest in all these years.

Now, finally, I can stop paying for something I don't use. I've just set my plan to what I want -- discs only -- and I'm going to be saving $5 a month now!

Scout101 - on the topic of price changes, it's very unusual for them to do such so frequently like this. As I said, customer since 2005 and I've only seen two price switches -- and this benefits me, so I'm keen on it.

As for Blockbuster V Netflix, you get more content from Netflix. Before you cancel, rent "This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated" -- you can't rent it from Blockbuster, so do it with Netflix while you can. You'll find out how Blockbuster won't make certain films available, will edit the content of the films they do. Netflix is not owned by a big global congolmerate like BB. They're much less restrained. Plus... if you where a 1990s customer of theirs, remember all those nasty late fees? That's why I abandoned them. Bastards.
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