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Re: Oh Netflix, I Knew It Wouldn't Last

The other fun part is you can GUARANTEE that there's another big price increase coming. This is in advance of the huge rise in licensing fees that Netflix will be hit with in a little while when the old contracts expire, but when they get a huge bill, no way in hell they're not passing that on to whoever's still a customer. And because it's now 2 plans instead of 1, they can play innocent and pretend the raise in price isn't a big deal. "Gee, we only raised prices a dollar", and because you've got streaming and DVD plans, you just got a $2 bump.

That, or this is the way they can bump most people to the streaming-only plans (like they've wanted for a while), and then they can have the drastic price increases there because streaming costs is what's going to raise the most.

Either way, pretty much on principle, I'm done with Netflix. I was a loyal Blockbuster customer for years (their dvd by mail plan was just as good, IMO), and after a bunch of price increases and decrease in what that money got you, I jumped to Netflix. Saved like $2 a month, and the streaming service was nice for catching up on TV shows a little faster than the DVD service. In the 8 months or so I've been with Netflix, this will be the 2nd price increase (representing about 85% increase on the plan i signed up for), and the 'bonus' streaming service has less of what I want than when I started...
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