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Re: Oh Netflix, I Knew It Wouldn't Last

Cutting a huge chunk out of their customer base, and all the negative word of mouth ought to really help with that, no? Most customers at a lower price is likely more valuable than fewer customers paying more money. Probably close to same actual $$$, but popularity, good will, and positive word of mouth is worth quite a bit, as it keeps people signing up their friends/family.

Telling me my service is going to cost 60% more, while they are rapidly removing streaming features, doesn't seem like a great move. How does streaming stand alone as a service, if you were watching, for example, Dexter, and it's now gone. If you have both, you just start getting the DVDs and stream something else. Otherwise, you're still paying full price, just either lost ability to watch it, or have to pay for ANOTHER service to continue...
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