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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

Thing is, these really aren't 2 separate services they can charge for. Streaming doesn't have new titles, and is also missing TONS of old titles, with more disappearing all the time. Heck Star Trek just showed up the other day, didn't it? I WAS watching Dexter on streaming, but that's now gone. Not Netflix's fault, exactly, but shows that streaming alone won't get it done.

DVDs are fine, but you lose flexibility with what you want to watch. You also get to wait a month after new releases come out, for a reason that's no longer tied to the product you're buying. When it was because you get more streaming options (promised, never actually saw a difference), there was at least a trade-off, but why should I accept the delay on behalf of a streaming customer if I'm a DVD only customer? Isn't it now just Blockbuster or RedBox on a time delay?

Prices to stream media is what's really costing Netflix more, and that's the only price in the structure that didn't increase

My plan renews mid-month, so should be on my current pricing until mid-September. I'm cancelling after Labor Day if the price plan isn't fixed. (How is there not a bundle deal for wanting both plans?!?). Red Box will get me the new releases faster and cheaper than Netflix, and streaming by itself just isn't worth it to me between my large dvd library and the internet...
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