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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I believe someone else pointed out that even if there isn't equipment, crew, or other things on the edges of the 35mm frame, the film used doesn't have enough space for them to simply expand the edges to fit a 16:9 frame -- some image cropping will still have to be done on the top and/or bottom. I'm not sure what the exact technical details are, though.
Posted before, but all details are here:

Although it looks fine for those scenes, I think it would be far easier to just maintain the existing ratio for the whole series. Firstly because it actually is easier (and Paramount won't want to make more work for themselves if they can avoid it) and secondly because this is supposed to be a restoration project, not a remake.

And thirdly, screw the pillar-box hat0rz!!
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