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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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They can ignore the complaints all they want, so long as they keep in mind that the "You'll pay what we tell you to pay, and you'll like it" model of business won't work for them for very long. Someone else will come along with a better deal and take their customers right out from under them.
You guys don't seem to get it--Netflix is increasing fees due to what it costs them to license the movies and shows they offer, not because they want more of your hard earned money while not offering any additional benefits or services in return.
I get why they had to do it. As I said earlier, I'm already on the streaming-only plan, so this price change doesn't affect (did I use that right? I always forget ) me, yet. I was commenting more on the part J. Allen mentioned, the part about them deleting negative comments and such.
Gotcha. My point was more with the second part of your post. It will be anything but easy for another company to come along and replace Netflix since they'll have to deal with the greedy studios to get anything on their service. Unless you're a company on the scale of Apple or Google you don't have billions of dollars to be investing in a product like this.
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