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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

I'm kind of tired of this topic after I spent part of the night complaining on their facebook page along with 20,000 others only to have my posts deleted.

This is just more disheartening to me than anything. My husband handles the account, but we have Instant Watch, 2 dvd queues now totaling 3 at a time with bl ray. Half of what's in my dvd queue is on wait, the other have saved or unavailable, and all the things I stream are is not available on discs.

I understand they need to restructure do to rising rights costs and all that, but they are a public company who isn't exactly bleeding red like everyone else in this economy. I think this is them being completely greedy. Recently our discs always arrive damaged, and when we send them back, they often never return. The streaming goes down all the time on each of our roku, bd players, ps3, android, and Wii.

I think Netflix is well aware that its services are incomplete or technically unable to keep up with the influx. They know customers now can't live without both dvds and streaming, as the two are incomplete without each other. No other video service right now compares, so Netflix figures it can get away with the price adjustments.

If people leave, more will come. It is a shame because positive word of mouth, quality catalogs, and glitch free designs seem like too much work against the ease of rising prices. I really can't believe they don't have any kind of trial marketing or research team that doesn't tell them these things. If they did a trial run of this, no one would have gone for it. They know that, so they aren't offering any kind of bundle plans in competition with it.

We've had the highest plans for 8 years, so in my mind discounts and reward programs should be given to people who have moved the most discs and watched the most streaming. They are completely abandoning loyal customers because they can. It's cruel, completely ridiculous, and unless someone smart at the top realizes we don't want the Metric System or New Coke, we're screwed.

What saddens me most is this is just another entity selling out in the trend. I don't know any cable channel that sticks to its theme programming model. Stores sell the wrong products, now Netflix is selling its soul. They have now become just like Borders and Barnes and Noble. They operate on an anti customer plan that is on borrowed time until the next big thing pulls the rug out.

Eh, we probably won't stop netflix. I hate comcast's business practices, but I still have it. I hate verizon, Walmart. I don't want to go live in the woods like Walden so I have to draw the line somewhere.

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