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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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After waking up from froot's sedative...

....I actually would like to build upon questions from my esteemed colleagues re: Janeway stories impacting / detracting from other former members of her crew. Is there a particular reason why we couldn't have ADMIRAL Janeway stories paralleling stories of her former ship and former shipmates?

One of the biggest gripes we've had on the board was that the "Admiral" promotion is seen as a "demotion". Ever since Kirk, we've been told that promotion beyond starfleet captain is the last step before death and or retirement.

If Janeway came back, I'd much prefer to see her as an active Admiral embroiled into the politics of Federation policy and cross species wars, rather than just one ship and one captain taking care of one problem.

I'd especially love to see an "Admiral Janeway" at the head of a small fleet, as we saw with Admiral Adama in "BSG".

Such a person in such a job could cross paths with former members of her crew or other series crews without straining the imagination.
There's no reason you couldn't have Admiral Janeway stories paralleling the adventures of the crew. It sounds like you'd like to see Janeway used as a character that could expose us to parts of the Federation we haven't seen much of yet, and that could be a cool concept. Working that into the adventures of the rest of the crew would be challenging, but as I've said before..there are as many ways to do this as there are people to imagine them.

The bottom line is this...what has happened thus far in the relaunch novels does not prevent us from taking the story any damn place we want to.

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