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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

My current plan (2x DVDs plus streaming) is $15/month. I just dumped streaming and switched to $12/month - thanks, Netflix, for letting me opt out of a service I never used anyway and giving me a nice 20% savings!

But I can't see how it's to Netflix' advantage to cater to cheapskates like me and reward them for consuming less. Customers should be rewarded for spending and consuming more. That's how you stay in business, you big sillies! The person (me) that Netflix is making 20% less from is happy. The other people (everyone else) that Netflix might be making more from is incensed. Netflix might want to consider which type of person they want to keep happy, and keep as their customers.

The last company that made the mistake of making a product that appeals to cheapskates like me was Saturn. Twenty years later, I still have the first car I ever bought from them and they're out of business. I can always tell when a company is fucking up if I'm happy to be their customer. Suckers.
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