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ENTER VOY Avatar Contest: "Parturition"

Welcome to the latest Star Trek Voyager avatar contest. First up the winners from the last contest "Twisted" with their corresponding Golden Neelix trophies.

Episode: Twisted

VOY Theme: Fireworks

RDM Theme: Non Sci-Fi Actors

Congrats to the winners and thanks for playing!

  • This contest focuses on the Season 2 episode "Parturition." Paris and Neelix beam down to "Planet Hell" in search of supplies and encounter a baby alien, which they nurture until its mother returns for it. They also fight over Kes and then bond.
  • The VOY theme as chosen by Gary7 will be "Holodeck Fun." Scenes of our Voyager crew member(s) enjoying themselves in a holodeck simulation.
  • The RDM theme as chosen by od0_ital will be "Minions." The folks who help the bad guys not quite achieve world domination & stuff.
The Rules: Avs not to exceed 140x140 px and not be over 140kb in file size. Avs can be static pictures or animated, just don't go over the restrictions posted previously. One av entry per category. The theme must be Voyager related while the random is just that, random from anything. This contest will run for one week until July 19th, 2011.

Two good sites for getting images are and

Good Luck!
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