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Re: Oh Netflix, I Knew It Wouldn't Last

Right, it's not really a decision to go towards streaming or DVD like they are the same thing. The selection for streaming is way behind, and not only do a ton of older titles not show up, there's a long delay before NEW things show up for streaming too.

Pretty sure this results in Netflix getting LESS of my money, probably none of it. I like the streaming, but don't use it enough to justify the $20/month they want to raise my bill to. And at that point, way cheaper to go get a couple movies from Redbox than keep half the Netflix service at full price.

On top of that, Netflix gives you the new releases a month AFTER they come out. Presumably this was to get more streaming options, but since they separated the services (from a billing standpoint, anyway), why would I want to sacrifice things I'm paying for to benefit the OTHER plan that I'm not a part of?
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