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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

Jolan Tru all,

I am sorry I have not replied in a bit, I had my children last week (as a divorced dad I tend to cherish the weekends and weeks that I get them) and then went to Shore Leave 33 last weekend.

To respond about episode 3 (and preemptive about 4) - the person who actually is the tech guru for us lives in Scotland, and is on holiday. I just don't have the tech know-how to post on YouTube, so as soon as he is back they will be posted. I truly apologize for this, but it is the price we sometimes pay for fans doing things for fans.

As to iTunes, not only do I hear you, I agree! I want it there too so I can keep a file on my iPod for it. Our tech guy was also working on that. All I can say is please, and I implore you I am being very sincere, PLEASE be patient. This is a new world for me and I really am trying to give you all the best choices to join us.

For those interested (when we do get the show libraries updated) this week we discussed:
  • Shore Leave 33 - what I had done there to that point and what authors I had talked with
  • Discussion of Kirsten Beyer’s “Bring Back Janeway” panel
  • Message board etiquette
  • What exactly is canon for Star Trek?

Again, we at the G and T Show are working to resolve these issues so many more of you can enjoy (I hope!) our show. upcoming weeks we will air the interview I did with Kirsten Beyer, audio of Ms. Beyer's "Bring Back Janeway" panel and the audio of a panel with Dayton ward, Kevin Dillmore, Marco Palmieri and David Mack about Star Trek Vanguard.

Thank you all for your input/feedback and suggestions.

All the best,

P.S. - Shameless plug whore here, if you are interested, we have a Facebook page (Sunday G and T Show), a Twitter feed (@SundayGandT) and you can email us at:

Ok, self-promotion over.
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