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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

I just finished Children of the Storm and rated as "Above Average".

I thought this was a very worthy followup to Full Circle and Unworthy. It continued to do what the other two books did, which I never thought would be possible: it made me care about the characters. One thing I like more than anything else about good TrekLit (and lit in general) is good character pieces, along with the story itself. This book had that in spades, both with the characters from the show as well as new ones.

I enjoyed watching B'elanna's adjustment to her new role as fleet chief engineer and how she dealt with the engineer from the Achilles. I liked seeing the "final" resolution between Tom and Harry (although that point was pretty much dropped as the book progressed). I liked the interplay between Seven and Cambridge and Seven's "move" at the end. I thought Chakotay was used a little awkwardly in the story (I agree with previous sentiments: is he in charge on his ship or not?), but like how he continued to try to act as a sounding board for Eden as well as sticking to his convictions.

As for the new characters, I LOVED the story about O'Donnell and Fife. I loved how, at the beginning of the book, I kept thinking "What is up with O'Donnell? How could someone be so incompetent?" and by the end of the book my attitude had completely changed around. I liked how O'Donnell handled Fife at the end and very, very much look forward to seeing how the relationship between those two continues to develop.

The only reason why this book did not get an "Outstanding" from me is, really, not the fault of the book itself. Although I was very pleased with the resolution of the problem and the new relationship with the Children (a wholly original race that was fascinating), I just couldn't get it out of my head that the Children as presented here were just simply not the same race as was presented in Destiny. Granted, they only appeared VERY briefly in Destiny, but their appearance there was so incredibly menacing that I just have problems seeing these as the same thing. But, that might actually be a good thing. For one: it shows just how alien the Children really are. They can be beyond menacing and dangerous to being a joyful, innocent race in a moment's time. That's fascinating too. But, as I said, it's still tough for me to wrap my head around it, so I just couldn't give it an "Outstanding".

But, Kirsten deserves all the credit in the world for this excellent continuation of the Voyager saga. After how much I disliked the show, for this and the previous two books to make me enjoy these characters so much shows how much credit she deserves. Voyager is currently the best TrekLit going today. Please Pocket and Kirsten: More!
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