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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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Looks like this doesn't affect me since I only use the streaming and have never used the DVDs.
Yeah, it won't affect you. I know that they need to turn a profit but after increasing the price last year, I'm not thrilled about this. I'll have to see what sort of cable options we get at our apartment in CA and see what makes the most sense financially. I want to have a way to see new releases but I've gotten less interested in movies coming out, so it might not be a big loss.
I guarantee you there's no cable deal that will come close to Netflix prices. I view the Netflix streaming as basically on-demand TV service for $8 a month. There is really nothing out there to compete with it, unless you use a competing service like Hulu. Going to a satellite or cable system? Forget it. It will cost at least three times as much, and most likely more.

This is why I upgraded my Internet service to fiber (for less than my DSL bill) and jumped onto Netflix, instead of signing up with a cable service or something.
Oh, I think we're going to end up doing a combination of services and I just need to see what makes the most sense. Cable, or Netflix and Hulu, whatever works.
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