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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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Yeah I was pretty irritated to read the email about it this morning. I really wouldn't care if there were more movies on instant. I mean, they have a huge instant library already, but I still have a great deal of movies on my DVD queue that they seem to have no intention of adding to instant any time soon. It sucks that I'm going to have to choose, because I can't afford to have both now.

That's my main problem too. If they add a ton of movies to streaming on September 1, then maybe this works, but as of right now it's a total fail.

I go over my friend's dorm and we watch Doctor Who, and Dead Like Me and I was hoping when he came back in September we could then watch some Star Trek. Nope, not going to happen now.

It's what made Netflix special. For only $2 more you get streaming and discs. And dumbass company can have internet streaming, we have seen many fail at it, it was mainly do to Netflix being better.

Now they aren't better and some studios might see the weakness and start up their own service. Which is fine, but then there won't be 1 site with a whole bunch of shows and movies, there will be 18 with a few movies each.
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