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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Star Trek: Covert Ops

The USS Ajax, a Steamrunner class vessel tasked for Espionage and Covert Operations within Cardassian and Romulan space, is currently looking for new players to join the crew for its Season 1 Finale. The Ajax is the only starship in Bravo Fleet commanded by a Section 31 Agent.

Captain T. Malcolm St. Cloud, an Agent and Starfleet Officer with a hidden past, commands the only Federation vessel that is commanded by a Section 31 Agent. The Ajax will be docking soon at Deep Space 10 to pick up new crew members for its next assignment.

The Ajax is an 18+ Sim, and is looking for the following officers:

- Chief Security/Tactical Officer
- Chief Flight Control Officer (helmsman)
- Chief Engineer
- Chief Diplomatic Officer
- Wing Commander

If you enjoy playing on sims that are different than your typical exploration or science vessel, then the Ajax is the ship for you. Take a look at our site and fill out an application below:
T. Malcolm St. Cloud
CO ~ USS Ajax
TGCO ~ Task Group V'Lar, TF47
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