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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

Thank you, Kirsten, for your efforts to answer to our questions. Hopefully also our questions which where sent by email or posted on amazon will be considered and not forgotten.

Thank you for following the discussions on the site of our Facebook group Bring Back Kathryn Janeway. It would be nice, if you would continue this. So we don't need to post our opinions on both places and you would get access to even more people who don't come to the TrekBBS. We would appreciate very much if you would decide to post on our site too.

I believe, that a huge majority of all Voy fans would like to get Janeway back. Even such people who refuse to buy more Voy books without Janeway (like I do) would come back into the book stores and raise the sales figures of Trek books again.
As I said before, I believe you are the only actual Trek writer, who is able to bring Janeway back in an appropriate way. I believe too, you even have some ideas "in stock" how this could happen.
It wouldn't be any lost for Trek lit. It would a benefit for the Trek universe and for the sales figures of Trek books. You would win more fans and I think, you wouldn't lose any reader, even those who prefer a death Janeway would stay with your Voy books though.

The "15 year old boys" ST lit is supposed to be directed to, are not interested in reading Voy books. They are more reading ST Titan or Vanguard, maybe some TNG novels.
The majority of Voy fans are adults and among them mostly women.

The writers and editors should consider that the structure of the fandoms of the particular series is different by age, gender and even interests and taste. So the result should be also completely different characters of books (e.g. books for boys with space battles and books for matured readers with adult themes like relationships of people to each other).

Hopefully, my English wasn't too messy this morning. Sorry for my mistakes.
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