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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Kristen I have two questions that I would like for you to address during the “Bring Back Janeway” panel at the Shore Leave 33:

1) In an interview on when discussing the release of your new book Star Trek Voyager: Children of the Storm the question “What sort of game changers/stumbling blocks for you were the whole Tuvok-to-Titan storyline and the death of Admiral Janeway in Before Dishonor?”. Your response was:

"Had I been onboard with this work prior to those decisions being made I probably would have requested that things went a little differently. But that was not the case so I did the best I could with what I was given".

I would like to know why would that in any way whatsoever prevent you from being able to recommend/suggest future changes now to rectify those changes made by the decision to kill off Kathryn Janeway in Peter David’s novel Before Dishonor in 2007.
There is nothing preventing me from making a request of my editor or publisher. I can always ask. But they don't have to say yes, and the final decision rests with them because they own the property. In the same way, the kinds of things I would have requested prior to the decisions about Janeway and Tuvok might also have been rejected. These books are work-for-hire. Sometimes we get lots of leeway..other times, not so much. It's a case by case thing and ultimately, never completely mine to do with as I would. But you know that when you accept the job, so you don't let it worry you. You just do the best you can with the part of the process that you do control...telling the best story you have in you within the parameters that have been established.

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2) I understand & respect that that the writers yourself included do not solely have the authority to change the decision to make the death of Kathryn Janeway permanent. That being said if possible can you tell us who specifically we can contact to appeal the decision to make her death permanent?

I know that you may not be at liberty to give out this information & if you aren't able do so I completely understand.
I anwered this question for you at the panel, but I've seen some of the responses on the Facebook pages suggesting that I am intentionally trying to be unhelpful in this regard. Because I did not actually know the best way to direct you in this instance, I asked someone who did know and was told that by addressing any such letters to "Star Trek Editor" that would insure that the request went directly to the individual responsible for the line at any given time. Things change pretty fast sometimes in the publishing world and as I understand it, though it may sound like a generic address, it is actually the best way to reach your intended audience.

Kristen, thanks for taking the time to reply to my question both at the Shoreleave 33 convention & here on the TrekBBS. I want to say that I never felt that you were trying to be unhelpful with your answers as to who to contact at Pocket Books.

I do want to thank you for the re-launch of Voyager. Voyager has always been one of my favorite series in Star Trek. You have done a excellent job with Voyager, and the characters. I am sure that if you are chosen when the time comes to bring back Janeway that you will be able to write a compelling story.
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