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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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*shoots blow darts tipped with sedative into everyone; picks microphone up off floor*

My question would be:

Could there possibly be a way for Janeway to be brought back without undoing some of the angst and growth the other characters have gone through? A lot of people have brought that up as a sticking point, and, I have to admit, even as someone who would love to have her back in the relaunch novels, it's something that worries me as well.

There's nothing to worry about in that regard. Janeway's return would not of necessity alter the events in the lives of the characters that have already been portrayed. It's just new information that has to be integrated. It's not like her return would suddenly make everyone's life really simple. And if it did, well that would be a pretty boring story, wouldn't it? Her death was a major complication. Her return would be equally major. Such complications are fertile ground for stories.

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