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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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^^^That's a good suggestion, either that or in the secondary hull somewhere? The hull is definatly intended to be curved though, we can see this even in the early concept sketches...
(Top row, center column and 4th row, 1st column)
@Albertese and TIN_MAN - they spent time up in his quarters but there is a cut between them walking down the hallway and then coming down a totally different looking hallway to the observation room. They could've gone up to the B/C teardrop or down to the secondary hull. I think it'll boil down to exactly how much room I need to fit the sets into the hull

@Mytran - you know, I never thought of the upper slope of the primary hull but I might try it anyway and see how it fits. That second set of shutters (the outer lid) that parts open does indicate a certain kind of curvature though... We'll see
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