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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Then again, that's the same reason why there are no window matches to "The Conscience of the King". The windows at the back of the secondary hull are rectangular when they need to be square to match up. For the purposes of my project, these windows are there but normally shuttered and thus blended into the hull.
The problem with this approach is that you then have to explain why the windows which we know are ACTUALLY IN THAT LOCATION are not visible in the episode.
Watching the series we are never close enough to the hull and given enough TV resolution to resolve the seam of a closed hatch or discover where the phaser and photon ports are. Having some shuttered windows that blend into the hull doesn't appear to be out of the ordinary, IMHO.

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It's easier, and more logical, to treat this as what it is... a small production "snafu"... and that the windows seen there are intended to be the same windows seen on the model. After all, it's not very likely the the Enterprise's auditorium, gymnasium, and even a starbase's computer center are built in rooms which are identical to the Enterprise's engine room, is it?
LOL - my project is pretty much "What Would The Thermians Do?". The auditorium is the same room as the gym (you can see the exercise gear) so it's a good re-use of space. And if Starfleet went through a period of re-using internal structures for starships and starbases to standardize equipment, there you go

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I just like the idea of those rooms in the dorsal being INTENDED for "recreational relaxation" purposes, and thus would be the most likely spot for Kirk (or anyone else) to go in order to stargaze.
I'm not so sure that the "Mark of Gideon" room would fit in the neck though. Kirk and Odona wind through a hallway before making it into that room and I suspect that when I model that out, it won't fit in the neck. I'll test it out though.

One of the driving ideas here is to see if everything fits as filmed. Not necessarily as the "designer intended", although there are some good projects of this nature out there

On re-watching "The Mark of Gideon", did anyone else catch that there are TWO shutters at work? The inner lid that slides up and the outer lid that parts open. I had not noticed that before!

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