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Re: Every Star Trek Blueprint in existence!?!

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Are we ever going to see official blueprints of the Nu Enterprise in a book or poster, or something? I know we have very well done fan made versions, but they are not official. We seem to have orthographic views of all Enterprise ships, except this one. Does the new Star Trek team simply not understand that some fans like to have starship schematics?
Over the years I've seen a lot of schematics come down the pipe and candidly while the "official" publications are usually glossily polished in the long run quite a bit of fan made work has been more dedicated and more accurate.

For example unless there are studio drawings that have never seen the light of day it took certain fans to get decent drawings of the TOS Enterprise out there. And ditto with a lot of other Trek designs. To my recollection the David Kimble TMP blueprints were the first truly accurate drawings of onscreen ships that were officially released to the buying public. The Franz Joseph publications prior to that may have had something of an official stamp to them, but they were actually not very accurate to what was seen onscreen. I believe Mike McMaster may have done more accurate work during the '70s (Klingon Battle Cruiser, Romulan Bird of Prey and the Enterprise Bridge), but my timing may be off.

With the resources available to talented and devoted fans today I suspect there's little official sources can do better than said fans.
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