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Re: Humanoid Sexuality in TrekLit (Minor Spoilers for VGD: Declassifie

@Starri - If I ever get to write Titan again, you will definitely see more of Keru's personal life. I know certain of the authors purposely stayed away from revealing the details because it was assumed that Mike and I were going to write more Titan together and it could be explored there. Alas, I am not writing Trek now though, so it hasn't been explored.

And Ra Havreii was designed to be a complete and total slut. That was one of his major character traits, so him sleeping around is one of his m.o.'s. Keru, is not, but as noted, there have been breadcrumbs that he is starting to develop a new relationship... or at least date again.

@ neogothboy - I find it interesting that in 4 of 5 episodes of Teen Wolf, they've brought up a gay character, and had a running gag about it (and he's had minor scenes). And Nine Lives of Chloe King introduced gay dads in its second episode, which means that it has already had more gay references (for a show set in SF) in two shows than Charmed had in 8 seasons! I suspect it's going to be a pretty much common thing for shows going into the future, especially shows that want to capture a younger market. Supernatural has had some very minor gay material (usually slash-y joking or people thinking the brothers are lovers), ditto Smallville. Contrast that to Vampire Diaries, run by a gay man, which I don't think has had a gay character in three seasons so far... Have yet to see any on Falling Skies (but I expect to) but I don't recall any on V. So perhaps on TV, it's a case of younger show-runners/producers thinking outside their box, while older show-runners stay in a rut.

And FYI, Marco was 500% behind us including GLBT characters in our books, and worked to strengthen their roles. So I am absolutely certain that no slight was intended.
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