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Re: Star Trek: War Aftermath (my own DS9 relaunch)

Interesting. This helps explain why Sloan would work with Koval, despite Koval duping 31 in Mike and Andy's Rogue--namely, Sloan found something he had on the Chairman...the threat of revealing his involvement in the assasination of Fujisaki. I'd wager he found this out some other things he could use for blackmail shortly after Rogue...and used it to ensure Koval's full cooperation.

It's nice to see it wasn't because Sloan "trusted" Koval, or anything--he was, and still is, playing a kind of game with him. I scratch your back, you scratch mine--but let's get straight that I've got the upper hand, should you try to snooker me.

"I'll get you a seat on the Council...provided you change your stance against the Alliance. And should you decide to dump on us..."

Well done.
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