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Re: Finally have time to start watching nuWho!

Companion's families were touched upon in the classic series, but usually they didn't turn out well and are not as developed. Some spoilers for the classic series here, of course, but most of them are well-known so no code (With one exception)

-The first companion family is of course, the Doctor's own. Sort of. Susan was his granddaughter. She turned out OK by the Time of the Five Doctors but might be dead in the new series. The fate of his other relatives is largely left mysterious, except in some books which go into detail but are largely now non-canon.

-Sara Kingdom was the sister of Bret Vyon in the Dalek's masterplan. Both didn't turn out well.

-Victoria Waterfield's father was killed by the Daleks, which sparks one of WHO's best scenes in Tomb of the Cybermen.

-The brigadier had a family, but his first marriage likely ended in divorce.

-Sarah of course has an adopted son but that's the new stuff, in the classic series she at least had an aunt.

-Leela's father was killed, I think.

-Adric's brother died facing off against the Marshmen.

-Nyssa's father and stepmother were both killed by the Master. Her stepmother presumabely got smushed by his TARDIS, while the Master took over Tremas's body.

-The Master shrunk and killed Tegan's aunt Vanessa. Tegan's cousin got captured by Omega, but he turned out OK in the end I think.

-Turlough's father died but he was reunited with his brother in Planet of fire.

-Peri had a stepfather, Howard. As for the rest of her family, one of the audio dramas has her and the Doctor meet the rest of her family..

-Ace's family is brought up a few times, mainly that she has a bad relationship with her mother. In Curse of Fenric she meets her mother as an infant and grandmother, but is not aware of their relationship until pointed out by the villain. She saves the infant and creates a sort of grandfather paradox.
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