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Re: New S&S listings - Wardilmore, DTI, final Vanguard, and Destiny TP

So I guess they're loading the shelves with TOS before the new movie comes out, except that really the new movie totally isn't coming out on time, so that's not gonna work.

But we have, what, two new print books that aren't TOS or TOS-era from August this year through May next year? And neither of them is in the main 24th century continuity, either (MU and Enterprise). That's annoying. Gimme some DS9 for chrissake.

Hopefully the second half of next year will be loaded with a bit more 24th century, what with DRG3s two books and Mack's trilogy. Out of the other two unannounced books, I'm hoping for another VOY and another TTN.
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