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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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mswood & FKnight, a few pages back I learned that when it comes to arguing with the pro-cropping, pro-stretching, pro-opening-the-matte croud, Grand Nagus Zek said it best: "It's... it's... it's like talking to a Klingon!"
I love how people on here love to toss insults. All I've said is that I'd like to see 16:9 as an option. No different than having multiple audio options.

But I guess it's more satisfying to start tossing insults when someone disagrees with your view.
Dude, if you feel personally insulted, you got me wrong. You are the only 16:9 advocate who is asking for optional widescreen to be included. I respect and support that. It's the best solution we could possibly get.

I was talking to those people who throw around bad cropping/stretching jobs and utter things along the lines of: "Man, TNG must be 16:9 and fill that whole screen which I so expensively bought! Here's a sample screen, see how cool it looks! It works, doesn't it? It must not be 4:3, death to OAR!"

As for arguments as to why this is a spectacularly bad idea, there are posts by many other people apart from myself as you go back in this thread, and I'll leave the repeating to other posters. It's all been said before, and this thread is going in circles after circles after circles. Hence the Klingon comment.
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