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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Cary L Brown - please note I had corrected my reference to The Menagerie after Shaw's comment.

I made a mistake in including a shot which I had not had time to verify. I am NOT using any references from the new FX aka TOS-R for this project so sorry for the confusion.

I had included the crew quarters references as "possibles" for completeness, but agree that there are only two actual scenes where the crew look out the windows to see stars ("Mark of Gideon" and "The Conscience of the King").

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..for the simple reason that there is noplace on the ship where there could be a windowed wall of exactly that shape.
Then again, that's the same reason why there are no window matches to "The Conscience of the King". The windows at the back of the secondary hull are rectangular when they need to be square to match up. For the purposes of my project, these windows are there but normally shuttered and thus blended into the hull.

The "Mark of Gideon" could be matched up to the curve of the secondary hull, but again it might go to a window not normally visible in external shots when shuttered.

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Also, remember, we know that Kirk's cabin is on Deck 5. And we know that there is no way that there could be any window on deck 5, much less one with that angle on it ( since the exterior hull at Deck 5 is a very, very shallow angle in the opposite direction, after all!).
Kirk's cabin before moving to Deck 5 was on Deck 12 ("Mudd's Women"). I'm only mentioning them as possible windows since they were mentioned by others but I'm not convinced of it as noted above.

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So... we have two windows, plus the "Cage" dome shot. Both window shots are rectangular windows, and only one can be seen out of. And we don't really know just how bright the rooms are supposed to be where these shots are taken, do we?
At this point, I am not considering "The Cage" dome shot a window at all since it appears to be just the Talosian-version of story-telling

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And I expect that the window we see in "Gideon" is in the dorsal... probably the starboard side (port shown here, by the way), second row from the top, near the aft edge of the dorsal:

I don't think it would work for the neck as the scene shows a curvature to the wall suggesting somewhere in the secondary hull while the neck is vertical. (You are looking at the posted reference shots, right?)
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