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New S&S listings - Wardilmore, DTI, final Vanguard, and Destiny TPB!

A new bunch of listings has gone up on the Simon & Schuster website:

We now have dates for the following:

That Which Divides - the TOS novel from Wardilmore, scheduled for the March 2012 slot (street date 28 February);

Storming Heaven - the final Vanguard novel - will be released in the April slot (s.d. 27 March);

Forgotten History - Christopher's DTI-origin novel (which appears to be retaining the DTI subtitle; although the blurb is just a copy of that from Watching the Clock, so ignore that) - is the May release (s.d 24 April)

And, sneaking in-between all of that, on March 13 is a TPB omnibus edition of Star Trek: Destiny!
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