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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Wrestling the microphone away from the lady down-under... (Gee, that sounds kinkier than I planned )

Along those same lines, Ms Beyer, do you find it strange that the way "Before Dishonor" ended, we even have to have this panel?

Admiral Janeway dies "before dishonor", but is "rescued" by the omnipotent force that's monitored her since the beginning. A force that is in some ways beholding to her for Janeway's positive interactions with Q junior during his rebellious "teen" years. That final scene between Miss Q and Admiral Janeway suggested some day, somewhere, Karthryn would be returned to us; and yet here we are, four years later still debating whether she will return.

I grant you, four years seems like a long time in our lives, but in the creation of a few novels, it's a blink. The involvement of Q in the events of Before Dishonor certainly leaves one of many doors open for continued exploration of Janeway's character. What you seem to be implying is that it is unacceptable that a story of what occured beyond Before Dishonor has not been written in the 2 1/2 novels that have been created since BD that do not already feature Janeway as a living character. You would like to have seen that issue addressed immediately. That would certainly have been one valid choice. But I also believe it is a valid choice to leave it be until such time, if ever, that the bigger picture for Voyager demands it be told.

The purpose of the panel was not to debate the issue of whether or not Janeway should return. It was to exchange feelings and thoughts on both sides of an issue that has been incredibly difficult for a number of readers. Given all that has been said on the topic in the last few years, no, I don't think it strange to suggest that such a panel discussion would be an appropriate forum in which to delve more deeply into the issue. Had the creative suggestion you seem to favor have been pursued...had Janeway returned in Full Circle, for example, we might, instead, have created a panel to discuss why major characters in the Star Trek Universe die, but never seem to stay dead for long, and whether or not we are missing something in the possibility of exploring the impact of major character death on those they leave behind.

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