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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Trying to keep it brief, though not as brief as "when's she coming back", LOL!

This is what I would say if in the audience and given the microphone.

"Kirsten, a few questions.. Janeway was arguably the strongest female character in Star Trek. I know I am not alone in introducing my daughters to Voyager with an eye to presenting them with a positive female role model in what is a male dominated genre. Years later they have seen all the Star Trek series and they still revere and love Captain Janeway and credit her as a positive female role model. I would like to see this continue on in Star Trek fiction. I know there are other female characters in Treklit but because of her 7 years on television as the captain Janeway is the female role model celebre of Star Trek. I feel that her absence from Treklit is a loss on Treklit's part as far as female role models go and I'm wondering how you feel about this?"
I think the greater loss is that of a complex and dynamic character who is a pleasure to write. I don't believe that Janeway's death in the line of duty and in an attempt to save her crew another trip to the Delta Quadrant in any way diminishes her status as a strong female role model. Janeway's death does not erase her life. Who she was and what she did still stands for people to admire.

And, though Seven, B'Elanna, and now Eden, Farkas, Sal, Glenn, Conlon and Gwynn may not have captured the same status in the imaginations of Voyager fans, they are incredibly strong women struggling daily with issues that sometimes result from and sometimes transcend their gender. I believe that to limit a character's ability to inspire others to the number of pips on their collar, or the fact that they were the first televised example of a strong female captain diminishes the potential of all Trek storytelling to a much greater extent than portraying Janeway's death ever could.

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"Many fans seem very excited by the multiple possibilities her eventual return could bring to Treklit and the characters. Do you see her return as opening doors as far as the characters stories go?"
Absolutely. Every choice presents us with new and different opportunities. But before we settle finally upon any of them, we look at how that choice affects the big picture and future storytelling opportunities beyond any single story.

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