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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Is there some "window shot" in TOS that I'm missing?
@Cary L Brown - a few As the guys have pointed out, there are the two observation deck windows from "The Conscience of the King" and the window from "The Mark of Gideon" which I count as I agree with Mytran that the outside is what Kirk expected to see.

(Correction)There is also possibly an early one from "The Cage/The Menagerie" from Pike's quarters that was made into a window in TOS-R but in the original version it appears as a green curved panel. (/Correction)

And there has been suggestion that Kirk's quarters in "Mudd's Women" also featured windows but I'm not so sure I can see any stars there. I've included in the reference images below a shot of Kirk's quarters from "The Enemy Within" but the window either has it's shutter down or it isn't a window at all but some wall shelf or something...

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