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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

I don't care if it's too late.

I have an excellent question?

How "old" is Janeway's Body going to be?

It could be a new body completely pulled out of gods ass, since her original body is rotting wormfood or been fired into a sun or demolecularized by a transporter, hells the only way to truly honour this woman is to put her into a torpedo and and fire it at the Delta Quadrant, lo it take two thousand years years to get there through real space.

Unless everyone assumed that she was coming back that they put her real body into stasis, no matter what they publicly did for ceremony with a corpse clone.

Maybe her actual body is reanimated without being rejuvenated or revivisized so that she's a half dead rotting Zombie copse that has to be medically maintained because bits keep trying to fall off?

How sad.

Or Kathy might come back "healthy" and exactly the same age she left, which would make her a few years younger comparatively since time didn't stand still for all her contemporaries who kept living during her death. 2 years? 3 years? Chakotay is suddenly older than she is. Which should surely make him less unacceptable as a lover?

People suggest that you live in heaven as a manifestation of what you deem to be your perfect ideal self, so in her mind how does Janeway see herself that she returns as the woman she lived as during her death that she is suddenly 35 or 25? Making her now perhaps physically the same age as Tom or B'Elanna.

Then of course Janeway could come back as a baby who maturates at a ridiculous speed which hopefully levels off before she's a crone and then dust, but Kathryn could stop at 16 years making her now a contemporary of Naomi and Icheb. Although what if the baby aged normally but still had her mind and personality of a 40 year old queen bitch, and baby Janeway insists that she won't let this handicap of being "newborn" stand in her way of Captaining a starship.

Resurrection can be quite tricky.
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