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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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The Enterprise's windows were only shown a couple of times. Everything else ever seen was on a viewscreen... and was almost certainly a computer-rendered image based upon sensor returns rather than a "direct view out the window."

Is there some "window shot" in TOS that I'm missing?
In "Conscience of the King" Kirk and Lenore are in the observation deck over the flight deck and there are two windows looking out to the stars. It's on the opposite side of the windows over the flight deck which would be the outer hull. Now, if you want to ID that as a view screen, that's your business, but if they are view screens, then why are they set so far into the wall and why have two of them side-by-side? I'm convinced they are actually windows and not view screens.

There's also "The Mark of Gideon" but I'm not sure that business counts as it wasn't really the Enterprise, but rather, a construct built by the aliens to trick Kirk.

So, yeah, there's windows. But if you're talking about the Bridge view screen, then no, that was just a monitor.

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