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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hey everyone! I'm Maggie. I just joined the other day!

My mom loved TNG. She loooooooooooooooved Picard. I would watch the reruns with her everyday after school. I only got to see a little of DS9 back then, because it was just getting over when I got home from school everyday, but on my many sick days I got to watch it. (I don't think we got the channel the new episodes were on...same with VOY)

I wasn't able to watch all of DS9 or any of Voyager until about 2006-07 when I netflixed every disc of every season of both shows and fell completely in love with all things Trek. Until then I didn't consider myself a "trekkie" ... I just watched TNG when I was a kid, but didn't think that much of it. Now I'm a definite Trekkie, reading the books and everything. I'm also trying to get my sister on board. She's very wary of the term Trekkie, but so far she's LOVING DS9 (I'm netflixing it for her, and she's in season 5...where it really heats up, imo!) and I showed her the first ep of VOY last night, and she's interested in continuing! Now if only she'll realize that being a trekkie isn't a bad thing, and just go with it!

OK, I rambled! But I'm glad to be a part of these forums now! I love all the discussions I'm reading! This is great!
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