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Re: Non Trek Fic: Quinn's Code (A Daria AU)

Invite of the Geek - Part 3

15 minutes later, the three teens got out of the ageing Plymouth close to the main Crewe Neck gate/entry.

“Are you sure that you don't want to crash?” Jane asked as she got out.

“A high school party? Please. Don't you think I'm a little mature for that?” Trent asked, prior to Daria and Jennifer getting out.

“Don't do anything I wouldn't,” Trent said as he drove away.

“Bye,” Daria said.

“Nice Conversational Skills,” Jane said.

Jennifer rolled her eyes.

They approached the guard house.

“We're here for Brittany Taylor's party.” Daria asked.

“Names?” the guard asked.

“Daria Morgendorffer.”

The guard checked his clipboard and nodded “Okay, and you two? What are your names?”

“Tiffany,” Jane said to the guard. “There's gotta be one,” she said to Daria and Jennifer in a low voice.

“Tiffany Hodge, Tiffany Duke, Tiffany Fairchild or Tiffany Blum-Deckler?” the guard asked in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Uh? Tiffany Duke?” Jane asked.

“Strike! You're out. I made that one up!” The guard said, triumphantly.

“Oh... she's not on the guest list. She's been hired to draw our portraits. She's very talented,” Daria said.

Very talented,” Jennifer said, as an emphasis.

“And your name is Tiffany Duke, huh?” the guard asked.

“What a coincidence!” Jane said.

“These are some of her sketches from art class. They're very lifelike,” Jennifer said, handing the sketchbook with the life drawings to the guard.

“Wow, these are pretty hot...” Soon the guard was distracted by the contents of the sketchbook. Daria, Jennifer and Jane then took the opportunity to enter Crewe Neck...

5 minutes after Trent had dropped off his sister and her friends, Keith pulled up near the gatehouse. “Here you go,” he said.

“Thanks!” Quinn said with enthusiasm.

“See you later, Keith,” Cindy said.

“See you tomorrow, bro,” Kristen said.

“See ya's,” Keith said as he drove off.

They walked up to the gate house.

They waited for the guard to come out, for about a minute before they were annoyed at the guard's tardyness.

“Hello? Hello? A group is waiting!” Quinn said, with impatience.

The guard looked up from the life drawing of the 'enhanced' model (the one that was 'quite bursty'). “Oh!” He said. He grabbed the clipboard as he put the notebook down. “Name?” he asked.

“Quinn Morgendorffer, plus two,” Quinn said.
“We're the plus two,” Cindy said, indicating herself and Kristen.

“There is no indication of a 'Plus two' here!” the guard said.

“It was a last minute change!” Quinn said, with an indignant tone.

“Ok, you can pass,” the guard said.

“Thanks!” Quinn said, as she and her friends passed by.

The guard went back inside the guard house and picked up the notebook.

As the two groups walked through the up-scale gated community towards the Taylor's mansion, the group of freshmen passed by the group of sophomores. As such, Quinn, Kristen and Cindy arrived at the mansion first.

As she entered the house, Quinn saw that Brittany was nowhere to be seen. Instead her fellow cheerleaders Angie Zammit and Nikki Dowling were greeting the guests at the door.

“Welcome to Brittany's first party of the school year,” Angie said, with a slightly bored-sounding tone.

“Where everyone has fun!” Nikki enthused.

“Right!” Kristen said. They then entered.

Less than 5 minutes later, Daria, Jennifer and Jane approached the mansion.

“And you say that Brittany's father made his money as a real estate agent?” Daria asked Jennifer.

“Yes, he started out that way, and then went into property. He apparently owns many rental properties. Most of them are in East Lawndale, but there are others scattered around the county,” Jennifer said.

“And you know this, how?” Jane asked.

“I pay attention to the newspapers,” Jennifer said, as they reached the end of the front driveway of the mansion.

Daria tuned out Angie and Nikki's greetings as they entered.

Tori Jericho was doing what she did best at parties, pointing out the popularity levels of other students. She had the rapt attention of Sandi Griffin and (the not so rapt attention of) Tiffany Blum-Deckler. “Now she's really popular, but not as popular as she is. He's medium popular, and he just bought a great car so soon he'll be getting more popular. That guy was just popular enough to be invited, but now he needs to hook up with a girl who's more popular than he is.”

Daria, Jane and Jennifer found Brittany with Kevin and Mack in the front loungeroom.

“Hi, Daria, glad that you could make it,” Brittany said.

“Um, yeah,” Daria said.

“Interesting decorations,” Jane said.

“Yeah, my father gets his paintings from a gallery downtown,” Brittany said.

“That would be Gary's wouldn't it?” Jennifer asked.

“I'm not sure,” Brittany said, as she twirled her hair.

“Hey, Burnout Girl, how did you, like, get in. I know that Britt didn't invite you,” Kevin was about to say more, but was interuppted by Jennifer.

“Kevin. How many times have I told you that I hate that name!” She exclaimed!

“Aahh!” Kevin ran off, Jennifer being angry wasn't pretty.

“Kevvy? Come back!” Brittany said as she ran off.

“Unfortunately, you're stuck with it. Just that I am stuck with Mack-Daddy,” Mack said.

“I don't have to like it,” Jennifer siad.

“True,” Mack said.

“Now that you've scared off the hostess, will you find Quinn and ensure that she doesn't get into trouble?” Daria asked.

“What sort of trouble?” Jennifer said.

“Oh you know, boys chasing her. Ensure that she doesn't encourage them either,” Daria said.

“No, Amiga. From what you have told me, I am sure that she can take care of herself. Let's go to a secluded spot and observe the party from there,” Jane said.

“Wait, Jennifer,” Mack said as Daria and Jane went off.

Jennifer told Daria and Jane that she would catch up. “Yes, Mack?” she asked.

“I am sure that you have noticed, something, about the Morgendorffer sisters, given that you are hanging around the two of them?” Mack asked, barely above the background noise.

“Um, sure,” Jennifer said, not sure where the conversation was going to head.

“Most of the time when I have heard Daria talk about her sister, and that isn't often, I have heard an undertone of hostility. Do you have any idea what that is about?” Mack asked.
Jennifer thought for a bit. “No idea. Neither of them volunteers anything. I guess that it will remain buried,” she said.

“I hope so. I can't imagine feeling the same for my brothers.”

“I wouldn't know, given that I am an only child. I am close to my cousins, but that is not the same thing.”

“True,” Mack said.

“I guess that we will have to wait and see,” Jennifer said, by way of saying that the conversation was over.

“Yeah,” Mack said.

“Hey, Quinn,” Joey said.

“Hey, Quinn,” Jeffy said.

“Hey, Quinn,” Jamie said.

“Um, guys? Could you get me and my friends a soda each?” Quinn asked.

“Sure,” Jamie said.

“I'll get Quinn, and her friends a soda each!” Joey said.

“No, I'll get Quinn, Kristen and Cindy a soda each!” Jeffy said. The three boistrous jocks then left the vicinity, each trying to out-do the other.

“Did you really have to do that?” Cindy asked.

“Not really, but their competitive-ness is cute,” Quinn said.

“I admit, it is intriguing,” Kristen said.

Then Joey returned with three sodas, with ice in a plate. “I got you three each a drink,” he said.

“The ice isn't crushed,” Kristen said, guessing that Quinn was about to say that.

“That doesn't matter. You know, Jeffy still sleeps with a teddy bear.”

“Crushed ice would be nice,” Quinn said.

“I'll go crush some,” Joey said. He left, passing Jeffy whom also had three sodas. He offered the three friends some pretzels.

“These aren't twisty,” Cindy said as she looked at the pretzels.

“Maybe,” Jeffy said, as he thought. “You know, Jamie's a really sloppy kisser.”

“What?” Kristen asked whilst Cindy and Quinn gave him strange looks.

“I heard it from a girl!” Jeffy retorted.

“I would like some twisty pretzels too,” Quinn said, as she saw Jamie in the distance.

“I'll go twist some,” Jeffy said as he hurried off.

Jamie then approached and gave them a soda each and some round crackers.

“I like square crackers,” Quinn said.

Jamie proceed to chew the crackers so tha they were square.

“EEEEWWWWW!” All three friends exclaimed.

Daria and Jane were waiting for Jennifer in a secluded corner. “Uh oh,” Jane said as she noticed someone approaching.

“What?” Daria asked, noting her friend's tone of near alarm.

“Upchuck. The sleaze-ball of Lawndale High,” Jane said, pointing to the new arrival. 'That is all she needs to know for now,' she thought.

Daria recognised him from several of her classes. She recalled that all the girls tried to sit as far away from him as they could.

Upchuck' moved in on the two loners. “Chuck Ruttheimer here. And You are?” he asked, although he knew who Jane was.


“Esmerelda,” Daria said, thinking that to tell this creep her real name right away wouldn't be a good idea.

“A pleasure to meet you lovely ladies. I'll be your social director for the evening,” Upchuck said. He gestured at the surrounding opulance. “Would you like a tour of the house? It's free.” Sleaze dripped from every word.

“We have to wait for a friend,” Daria said.

“A friend of the female persuasion, perhaps?” Upchuck asked.

Neither Daria nor Jane answered his question.


Jennifer approached Daria and Jane with sodas and various acoutrements of food. She noticed Upchuck near them and nearly dropped the plate with shock.

She walked up to the situation slowly.

“Well, if it isn't the mysterious Ms Burns!” Upchuck said, his ultra-suave sleaziness at maximum intensity.

“Hi!” Jennifer barely let out.

“He is offering us a tour of the house,” Daria said.

“Um, ok,” Jennifer said. Anything would be better than staying in the main part of the party, even if it was in the presence of that sleaze-ball.

Tori was continuing her popularity assessment of various party-goers. She pointed Quinn out. “She was new and cute so she became, like, popular overnight. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that she is a self proclaimed geek, like seriously!” she was about to say more about that topic, but was interuppted by Sandi.

“Tell me about it! I like, tried to tell people that geeks should not be popular! But they didn't listen!” Sandi said.

'So that was true afterall,' Tori thought. “Yeah, I heard about that. That took guts!” she said.

“Thank you. Anyway, everyone supported Quinn being popular. I even, like, offered her a vice-presidency in the Fashion Club. She turned it down!”

“Really?” Tori asked.

“Yes,” Sandi said, she then had a thought. “You know, Tori, that Vice-President position is still open.”

“Really?” Tori asked, whilst in thought.

“Yes. You can, like, help me with my plan for the destruction of that geek's popularity,” Sandi said.

Tori didn't hesitate. “I'm in.”

Sandi shook her hand. “Welcome to the Fashion Club, Tori Jericho.”

Something about Sandi's demenor unnerved Tori. 'What have I just gotten myself into?' she wondered.

Whilst this discussion was going on Charles had began to lead the antisocial trio through the house.
“This five-bedroom house is designed in a combination of southern pseudo-plantation and late mock-Tudor styles. To your right, the quasi-Victorian breakfast nook. Straight ahead, the family den, which was inspired by the novels of Isak Dinesen.”

'Good thing that he knows about said Danish writer,” Jennifer thought. They walked up to the lawndry room door.

“And this... is the make-out room! Am I blushing? Confidentially, it's really the laundry room,” Upchuck said, as he knocked on the door.

Can it, Upchuck, or I'll break your face ,” came the reply of a member of the football team from the other side of the door.

This was followed by a fit of feminine giggling.

“As we've reached the end of our tour, I'd like to thank you for your undivided attention. Any questions?” Upchuck asked.

“How did you get invited?” Daria asked, assuming that Upchuck didn't just crash the party like Jane, Jennifer, Kristen and Cindy did.

“I dissected her frog,” Upchuck said.

“That would do it,” Jennifer mused.
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