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Re: Laetitia Casta: Babe of the week #28 (July 2011)

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Americans speak English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese....
Cool, how many languages do you speak?
Two and a half. But, of course, the point was that the United States is a multilingual country, and there's no such language as "American."
Some would argue that in America we speak "Americanized" English since we've a little bit of difference between the English spoken in England. Not so different that they're both different languages but there's some subtle differences that there could be confusion. I've seen more than one form that under the language section there's "English (Britain)" and "English (American.)"

And while we may be a multilingual country that doesn't mean we're a multilingual people, having such a vast area. I only speak and know English and have little need to speak anything else, though I do know a little bit of Spanish.

I, personally, see most of Europe as being more multilingual than America. Now certainly this doesn't apply to everyone just like the obverse isn't true for America but I just suspect a person living in GB is going to be more likely to encounter a French-speaking person with a French-version of a name than I, a person living in Kansas, is.

Knowing the pronunciation of the name now, yeah I have met people with that name, but it's spelled Latisha and it's usually an African-American woman. So having never seen the BOW's name before (or rather that spelling of it) and knowing she was French, and knowing some of the peculiarities of the French language I didn't confidently know how to say "Laetitia." If it was a written name I saw on a name-tag at a party or something I'd have to ask how to pronounce it, thus making the name "unpronounceable" to me.
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