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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

[QUOTE={ Emilia };5088085]
Not surprising that match-day revenue is much higher. Even though I prefer the German model of full stadiums and low ticket prices.[QUOTE]

Clubs in the Premier League fall into two camps - 1. the big clubs that can charge whatever they like for tickets and still sell out - 2. the smaller clubs who could charge peanuts and still not get any bigger attendances than they already do.

In theory though, I have to say, I prefer the logic of the German model myself. Surely better to bring in the same matchday income but have a full ground of support cheering your team on.....?!

The problem is that Italian football totally didn't capitalize on the dominant period of the 1990's. They just wasted money on transfers and wages instead of improving the infrastructure. That's even more sad because the stadiums built for 1990 almost all had athletic tracks for whatever the hell reason.

Way to completely screw up and lose the dominant position in Europe. Quality in the league has been recovering in the last years, though so there's some hope.
Yes, that's true. Through the 90s Italian football was totally dominant. The English sides were still trying to find their way back into the European game after coming back from the ban, and Spanish football was out of sorts at the time. Italian football, and the likes of Milan and Juventus just completely dominated.

Italian football will come good again, it all works in cycles - England, Spain and Italy all go through booms and busts. We've had Spanish dominance, Italian dominance, English dominance all down the history of the European Cup/Champions League, with the odd exceptions every now and then (Bayern, Ajax, Porto etc).

Well, I'm curious to see if Platini's Financial Fair Play plan will have any impact. There's plenty of ways to bypass the rules but they can't be completely ignored. Next season will be the first season to be monitored.
I doubt it'll make a massive amount of difference to be honest, and to be fair, even if it does then it predominantly protects the likes of Barcelona, Man Utd etc who can generate the most football-related income. What we're likely to see however is more scenarios like Man City's and the naming rights for their ground. 400m. What next, Sheikh Mansour sponsored half-time burger and chips? The rich clubs, particularly those with mega-rich benefactors will just find ways to pump money into their clubs. They'll need to be a bit more creative, but it'll happen.

That's what you get for having the most stupid president in Serie A. They already lost Del Neri (who then ended up screwing up at Juve) last summer and then were stupid enough to sell both Cassano (to Milan for no money at all) and Pazzini (to Inter), their best players of the previous season.

Way to go from 4th place to relegation.
Was Cassano in the final year of his contract? They'd have been as well holding on to him and letting him see out the season, at least preserve top-flight football.

Pazzini, fantastic little striker. I think he's the type of striker that would actually do well over here.

Well, hopefully Serie B football will be a short-term visitation!
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