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Just saying hello from England :-)


Just came across this messageboard when I was searching for Star Trek forums and thought I would say hello. :-)

My name is Gordon but everyone calls me Gord, so that'll do nicely!

I'm 31, from England and, of course, a big fan of Star Trek and sci-fi/fantasy in general.

I've literally been into Trek since I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of watching the original Star Trek episodes on BBC (before they started showing Neighbours in a teatime slot - yep, THAT long ago!) and always staying up late everytime Wrath Of Khan was on TV. Really got into Trek proper when I started watching Next Gen though and when I got my very first piece of Star Trek memorabilia - an action figure of Data from a nearby Toys R Us. Anyway, enough reminiscing for now!

Pretty much a typically geeky/nerdy kind of guy but I'm proud of it and am generally a happy person that can talk about just about anything really.

I'm hoping to make some new friends that share my interests and that I won't bore going on about Trek! :-)

Looking forward to chatting with you all!

- Gord
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