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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Chapter 24

USS Redemption
Jasto Dax’s Quarters

“Please, doctor, this isn’t…”

“Ensign Chin, please join us.”

Keene’s eyes narrowed as the two security officers stepped through the door and joined them in the room. They had their hands on their phasers, though they hadn’t drawn them yet. Keene couldn’t believe that he had been so easily caught out. Why by Kahless had the old man come back?

“Is there a problem, doctor?”

“That is what I’m trying to ascertain. I found Doctor Keene administering some unknown compound to my patient.”

“A simple mental booster to try and break through the telepathic link,” Keene said quickly, spreading his hands in as unthreatening a way as possible.

“I asked you to watch them, doctor, not administer medication.”

“Yes, but I…”

“Can we see that, please doctor?” The human security officer took a step towards him, holding out a hand.

If he gave them the hypo, it would only take them a few minutes to ascertain that it wasn’t what he had said it was. Keene was running out of options. Damn Astrid Williams, damn Jasto Dax and damn Malok, son of Karana. Damn them all to the nine hells!

He had no other choice. He was going to have to fight his way out, find some unsuspecting victim and use the machine to change his form again. It was the only way to continue his mission. Any chance of replacing Kalara had vanished when Williams pulled her little stunt anyway.

Focusing again, he allowed his shoulders to slump. He held the hand with the hypo out towards Chin. “Of course. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause so much trouble. I only wanted to help.”

The young security officer came forward, reaching out one hand to accept the hypo, his other hand hovering on the butt of his phaser. Keene waited until the man’s fingers had almost touched the smooth surface of the hypospray before making his move.

Years of training in close combat kicked in. One step forward. Chin’s wrist grasped in his own hand. A snap of his shoulder, bringing the other man forward and around. Hypo up and pressed against the skin on the man’s neck. A second later and he had the security officer securely in his grasp.

“Stop right there,” he snapped, eyeing the other security officer and Malok. The younger officer’s hand had been reaching for his comm badge, but when he saw the hypo against his superior’s neck, he froze. Keene smiled. Children. He could feel Chin’s heart beating through his own chest, the man’s breathing coming in erratic bursts.

“What do you think you are doing, doctor?”

Keene allowed himself to sneer. “My job, shuvoth'shu.”

Malok’s eyes widened at the insult. “What did you say?”

“You heard me, shuvoth'shu. I know what you are, what you’ve done. You’re a traitor to your race, dressed in your white coat like a lamb.” Keene showed his teeth. “I may have filed my fangs to pass amongst these humans, but I still have fangs where it counts. In my warrior’s heart.”

“You,” Malok barked. “You were the one? You betrayed the ship to the Klingons?”

“I betrayed nothing. I gave our people a glorious victory.”

“You killed thousands!”

“I would kill millions if it meant that the Empire could take its true place in the galaxy. Not as human lapdogs. As masters.”

“You’re insane,” Chin hissed.

Keene dug the hypo into his neck. The other security officer, the young Romulan, had been edging around the wall. Keene turned to him, his finger hovering over the activation stub.

“You’ll never get out of here alive,” Malok said. “Where could you possibly hope to go?”

“You know what,” Keene replied, “you’re right.”

Before any of them could react, he activated the hypo. Chin’s body went limp immediately. Before the security officer’s eyes had time to close, Keene had his phaser out of the holster, firing at the young Romulan. The inexperienced officer tried to dart out of the way, but Keene’s years told. He tracked left, knowing exactly where he would head. His phaser beam took the man in the chest, felling him.

Almost immediately, an alarm sounded. Unauthorised weapons fire. Keene barely had time to register the sound before he felt a great weight bear down on him, carrying him to the floor. Malok roared, bringing his fists down towards Keene’s head. Keene brought his own arms up, blocking the blow, and kicking upwards, catching the bigger man a blow to his groin. With another roar, the Klingon doctor rolled away.

Keene jumped to his feet, spinning to give Malok a round kick against the temple. The doctor roared again, going down and staying down. Keene walked over to him, kneeling down on either side of the man’s bulky chest. Malok groaned, trying to get up, but Keene easily kept him pinned to the floor. With both hands, he reached down, grabbing Malok’s head. He leaned down.

“When the Empire gains the Laurentii technology, we will be unbeatable. We will sweep the galaxy of men like you. I will personally make sure that your family follow you to Gre’thor.”

With a savage twist, he broke Malok’s neck.

Getting to his feet, brushing away blood where Malok had hit him, Keene looked down at the man. He had been a worthy opponent, but no man who betrayed his Empire could hope to reach Sto’vokor. His soul would burn in Gre’thor.

The alarm still sounded, but so far no security officers had arrived to investigate. Too busy with the battle. He exchanged Chin’s phaser with the one in the dead Romulan’s holster. He might need a weapon and it would take them a few minutes to realise he had switched them. The longer they spent tracking the weapon he had used, the more time he would have.

Casting one last look at the room, his eyes fell on Dax and Q’sar. He hesitated for a moment, unsure whether to shoot them both dead. Then he turned away.

Whatever happened, he was going to have to abandon the Keene identity. Which meant not even Astrid Williams would know who he was. He allowed himself a smile as he stepped out into the corridor, looking both ways before turning left and heading towards the nearest emergency access tubes. And if she wanted Jasto Dax dead, she was going to have to do it herself.


“Commander, we’ve got reports of phaser fire on Deck 9, Section 13.”

“What?” Prin turned away from the battle for a moment, staring at Barani. “What kind of phaser fire?”

“Starfleet issue. One burst. It… It seems to have come from Lieutenant Dax’s quarters. Security personnel assigned to him are not responding.” A beat. “Nor is Doctor Malok.”

Not now, Prin amost groaned. She shook her head. “Lieutenant Vareen, handle this. Tell your people that Lieutenant Dax may have escaped custody. He is to be considered armed and highly dangerous.”

“Yes sir.”

As the tall Xindi woman headed for the turbolift, Prin dismissed the problem, turning her attention back to the ongoing battle. Redemption was down to one Behemoth, who was currently battering its way through the swarms of smaller Laurentii vessels keeping them from Onyx Station. Any moment now, the hole would open and Redemption would need to be ready to slip through.

To face the four Behemoths waiting for them on the other side. She couldn’t worry about the unexpected phaser fire now. She had to trust her people to handle it.

Still, she couldn’t help a tiny part of her from worrying what sort of damage an insane Jasto Dax could do with a phaser, loose on her ship.
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