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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Done, at least as far as all the major elements and details are in place. Now it's a matter of tweaking the drawings a bit for the individual sheets along with labels. Then some basic interior setups to get a better sense of scale for final dimensions. Then on to the heavy lander.

Well, it certainly took long enough to get to this point on this design. Also I'd like to say that I'm rather pleased with the overall result. I did reams of sketches to get the basic proportions and shapes right before settling on this. Initially my idea was not to have the large forward viewport as seen here. My original idea was to play on some of the exaggerated proportions of the onscreen version while keeping the overall look and the upper portion of the hull would have had a sensor array at its leading edge that would have just looked something like the triangular forward viewport. Essentially there wouldn't have been a viewport and the crew would "see" forward via a large monitor display that perhaps could have simulated a viewport. But in the end I went with my gut feeling and tried to make the above approach work, which seems to have panned out.
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