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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I follow most leagues and competitions at least.
You don't know what "following" really means if you haven't been to Italy. 3 nation-wide daily sports newspapers. And during the summer the tv channel Sportsitalia 24 spends 3 hours every night talking about transfer news. They've got a poor guy standing in front of Hotel Hilton in Milan all day just to see who enters the building (apparently that's where most transfer talks take place).
Sounds a lot like Sky Sports News here - they have a particular breed of reporter whose job it is to stand outside a building in each of the main cities - London, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle usually - for hours and days on end in the same to talk about nothing, nothing but who's been seen going in, who's been linked with who, what the manager has or hasn't said. Some days they do some proper reporting on golf or tennis or cricket, but the nearer to the end of the transfer window it gets, the less you'll see of any actual news or credible journalism.

That new stadium of yours does look nice.
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