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Humanoid Sexuality in TrekLit (Minor Spoilers for VGD: Declassified)

I may be about to step in something bad, and if I've crossed a line, I understand if I need to be warned or banned or whatever, but this is something that's been bugging me since I read Marco's excellent "Ruins of Noble Men" short story.

And that kind of touched off something.

Yeah, I'm a gay Trekkie. After the franchise proper has pretended I don't exist for 40+ years, seeing TrekLit show that maybe there's also room for me in the future was really refreshing.

But of late, it means less and less to me, because it's starting to feel like we're just there as token nods to diversity, rather than as fully realized characters. The one that sticks out most in my mind at the moment is Ranul Keru, who has basically been a monk since the death of Lieutenant Hawk which happened, what, eight, ten years ago in continuity? Meanwhile, no one seems to have any squeamishness about Dr. Ra-Havreii making the rounds among Titan's female crew.

T'Prynn lost her lover, and while I think that was rather beautifully written, it was still another Dead Gay.

I hope Etana Kol and Krissten Ricter are still together, but who knows if we'll ever see them again.

If there are any gay characters currently in TNG or VOY, I can't think of them.

Although, in fairness, I do have to say that way Christopher handled the de facto bisexuality of the Deltans in Watching the Clock was very, very well done.

In any case, I don't want to sound ungrateful, because it's nice to see my life reflected in something I love so much. I just wish that, in 2011, TrekLit could go a little more boldly.
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